Working Papers

“Student Debt, Homeownership, and Wealth Accumulation over the Life Cycle”

“Expenditure Smoothing under Balanced Budget Rules: Rainy Day Funds or Saving for a Rainy Day?” (With Steven G. Craig, Yu-Hsin Hsu, Bent E. Sørensen, Vasundhara Tanwar, and Priyam Verma.)

Works in Progress

“Inequality in Refinancing: A Structural Model of Mortgage Borrowing, Mobility, and Refinancing” (With Yuliya Demyanyk, María José Luengo‑Prado, and Bent E. Sørensen.)

“Importing Goods or Technology: Different Paths to Structural Transformation” (With Priyam Verma.)

“A Key to the Puzzle: Financial Literacy and the Credit Card Debt Puzzle” (With Daniel Jacobs.)