Working Papers

“Student Debt, Homeownership, and Wealth Accumulation over the Life Cycle”

“Expenditure Smoothing under Balanced Budget Rules: Rainy Day Funds or Saving for a Rainy Day?” (With Steven G. Craig, Yu-Hsin Hsu, Bent E. Sørensen, Vasundhara Tanwar, and Priyam Verma.)

Works in Progress

“Inequality in Refinancing: A Structural Model of Mortgage Borrowing, Mobility, and Refinancing” (With Yuliya Demyanyk, María José Luengo‑Prado, and Bent E. Sørensen.)

“Labor Market Fluidity and the Insurance Effects from Taxes and Hours” (With German Cubas, Musab Kurnaz, Pedro Silos, and Terry Yip.)

“Importing Goods or Technology: Different Paths to Structural Transformation” (With Priyam Verma.)

“A Key to the Puzzle: Financial Literacy and the Credit Card Debt Puzzle” (With Daniel Jacobs.)